Hellenic Open University Conferences, International Conference on Business & Economics of the Hellenic Open University 2015

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Risk Management in IT Companies
Eleana Tsiara, Kerstin Viola Siakas

Building: Titania
Room: Solon
Date: 2015-02-06 03:00 PM – 04:45 PM
Last modified: 2015-01-27


Most software projects fail, or are not used in practise, because of the challenges and dangers that appear during their development. The objective of risk management is solving this problem, aiming at identifying the risks and mitigating them. In this paper, we will first explain the terms of "risk" and "risk management", we will mention the basic risk categories, the main approaches of risk management and some measures, that aid risk evaluation. Furthermore, there will be an analytical description of the basic steps that risk management consists of and the major activities that each one includes, without following a specific model. The goal of this paper, beyond describing risk management and its philosophy, is providing an evaluation overview, presenting its advantages and drawbacks, along with its contribution in completing software projects successfully.


Risk; Risk Management; Risk in ΙΤ Projects; Risk in Software Projects