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Session Chair






Eleftherios Ioannis Thalassinos

A critical-realist account of the Greek crisis

Akrivi Andreou, Andreas Andrikopoulos, Christos Nastopoulos

Shadow economic activities in Turkey: A review of the literature

Panagiotis D. Kontakos, Aristidis P. Bitzenis

The stabilizing role of unemployment benefits in Poland

Katarzyna Kalinowska

Political Instability and Economic Growth in Greece

Antonios Sarantidis, Dimitrios Asteriou

The European Sovereign Debt Crisis and the Role of Credit Swaps

Eleftherios Ioannis Thalassinos



















Alina B Hyz

The data envelopment analysis method for the assessment of the efficiency of organizations : A literature review

Georgios Farantos

The ISO 9001 certification in Greek Design and construction companies: Assessment of motivations, expectations, perception of benefits.

Chrysostomos Christou Kypritzis

A Web-based Benchmarking System of Public Services in Greek Municipalities

Sotiris P. Gayialis, Stavros T. Ponis, Georgios A. Papadopoulos, Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou, Ilias P. Tatsiopoulos

Risk Management in IT Companies

Eleana Tsiara, Kerstin Viola Siakas

The Economic contribution of E-Government in the public sector: Evidence from Greece

Grigorios Spyrakis, Antonios Sarantidis, Konstantinos Nikolopoulos




















Dimitrios Vasiliou

Securities’ systematic risk beta estimates and inferences for competition policy

Panagiotis Fotis, Michael Polemis

The reaction of stock prices to monetary policy shocks in Malaysia: a structural vector autoregressive model

Roohollah Zare, Mohamed Azali, Muzafar Shah Habibullah

Predicting the End: A Simulation Study into the Causes of Bank Failure

Aristeidis Samitas, Stathis Polyzos, Spyros Papathanasiou

Managerial Discretion, Net Operating Assets and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns in Europe

Georgios Papanastasopoulos, Dimitrios Thomakos
















Dimitrios Niakas

Should medical non-governmental organizations in Greece develop mass screening programs? A case study.

Iordanis Sidiropoulos

Γιατί η δημιουργία ενός περιβάλλοντος στο χώρο της υγείας, που θα αποδέχεται πιο εύκολα και πιο γρήγορα τις μεταρρυθμίσεις ή τις αλλαγές, είναι πιο σημαντική, από την επιτυχημένη εφαρμογή μιας εμπνευσμένης πολιτικής.

Panagiotis Tailachidis

Underground economy in health: quantitative assessment in Greece, in crisis era

Dimitrios I. Antonoglou, Paraskevi N. Koufopoulou

Financial Analysis of the Greek Private Health Sector: The Case of Hygeia SA Before and After the Economic Crisis (2006 – 2013)

Georgios Loukopoulos, Theodoros Roupas

Assessing personnel performance in the National Health Service in Greece: A critical review from a performance management perspective.

Iordanis Sidiropoulos

Evaluating the relationship between hospital cost and quality indices in a NHS hospital in Greece

Dimitris Tziallas, Catherine Kastanioti, Konstantinos Kirkos, Konstantinos P Exarchos, Vasilis Tsimihodimos, Moses S Elisaf
























Michael J. Vidalis

Private Label Branding and The Effects On Food Manufacturing Companies

Eleni Garbouni, Ilias Vlachos

A statistical analysis of big web market data structure using a big real dataset of wines and the direct e-commerce social phenomenon of producer to consumer transaction

Ioannis Athanasiadis, Dimitris Ioannidis

Pension system: challenges and reforms – the case of Poland

Joanna Adamska-Mieruszewska, Łukasz Dopierała

Lack of inspections by the Safety Inspectors, lack of worker’s training and the exposure into dangerous conditions, are causes of an exceptionally high number of industrial accidents at work in Greece: A Multinomial Logistic Regression

Christos Constantinos Frangos, Constantinos Christos Fragkos, Ioannis Sotiropoulos

Integrated vs Disintegrated Pricing and Revenue Optimization for innovate products in the supplier-buyer problem

Michael J. Vidalis



















Kyriaki Kosmidou

Macro stress testing the U.S. banking system

Angelos Kanas, Philip Molyneux

Financial Regulation Intervention and Accounting Quality

Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, Stergios Leventis, Emmanouil Dedoulis

The bail-in resolution tool under the EU Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive

Anna Olga Mitsou

The Fed’s Policy Reaction Function and U.S. Stock Returns

Nikiforos Laopodis

Systemic risk and spillover effect in the Greek banking system

Kyriaki Kosmidou, Konstantinos Moutsianas




















Andreas Merikas

Recapitalization of the Greek banking system & the fallacy of PSI. An empirical analysis with future prospects

Georgios L. Vousinas

THe factors affecting the choice of undergraduate studies in accounting and finance: A case study of Greece

Mihail N Diakomihalis, Alina B Hyz, Grigorios J Gikas

Impaired asset rooted managerials practices on IFRS principles: Some evidence from Greek listed companies

Aikaterini Laskaridou

Earnings Quality and Auditor Tenure during recession

Maria Kyriakou, Augustinos I. Dimitras

Exploring Price Formation in the Global Ship Demolition Market

Andreas Merikas, Anna Merika, Anil Sharma




















Athanasios Episcopos

Comparative analysis of the Financial Characteristics of Family & Non-Family Businesses listed in the Athens Stock Exchange

George Venetis, George Artikis, Panagiotis Artikis

Reviewing the capital structure theories before and after the crisis: United Kingdom evidence using Panel Data approach

George Alexopoulos, Panagiota Papaconstantinou

Integration of Greek and Polish equity market with the euro area equity market. Comparative analysis

Slawomir Bukowski, Alina Hyz

The adoption of IFRS And the complementary management commentary index (Ma.Co.I) in financial reports

Alexandros E. Garefalakis, Augustinos I. Dimitras, Christos Lemonakis

Market Reaction to Stock Repurchase Announcements in Greece

Angeliki Drousia, Athanasios Episcopos, George Leledakis




















Nikolaos Eriotis

The determinants of non-performing loans in the greek banking sector. Issues in the credit risk of SMEs during crisis

Ioannis Giannoukos

Earnings management during recession; evidence from Athens Exchange

Dimitrios Balios, Vasileios Zisis

Valuation of Mergers & Acquisitions. The Case study of a Greek Listed Company.

Dimitrios Zavitsanos

Comparison of financial statements of the General Regional Hospital of Tripoli and Kalamata General Hospital

Charalampos Andrianopoulos, Dimitrios ζαrakovitis

Delisted vs. Voluntary delisted vs. Remain listed - Revisited

Dimitris Balios, Nikolaos Eriotis, Spyros Missiakoulis, Evangelos Ioannis Poutos, Dimitris Vasiliou



















Efthimios Zervas,

Environmental management accounting and service organisation

Nikolaos Kartalis

Implementation of environmental management in luxury and four star hotels of Attica region

Maria Apostola

A Different Food Organization: The case-study of NGO 'Boroume'

Sofia Alexopoulou

Let fry become a parent

Labrini Oikonomou, Apostolos Spathis

Social acceptance of ecological debt from the residents of Attica

Efthimios Zervas, Efi Drimili




















Efthimios Zervas,

The right to clean and safe drinking water: The case of bottled water

Dimitra Koumparou, Spyros Golfinopoulos

Public perception of climate change: investigation into Greek attitude and responses to climate change risks involved

Asimina Voskaki, Konstantinos Tsermenidis

Food security challenges and the role of small farms in fostering sustainability in the developed world: a critical discussion

Naoum Tsolakis, Christos Keramydas, Dimitrios Vlachos

Determination of resource productivity index under environmental and resource pressures. Application on a sample of 13 EU countries

Christina Bampatsou, Dimitrios Asteriou, Efthimios Zervas

On the relationship of energy use from renewable and non-renwable sources with CO2 emissions and gross domestic product under the environmental Kuznets curve rerspective

Dimitra Kaika, Dimitrios Asteriou, Efthimios Zervas




















Christos Tzovas

The CAPM revisited: is beta a useful tool in portfolio formulation? New evidence from the Athens Stock Exchange

Eleni Thanou, George Polychronopoulos, Dimitris Kallivokas

Triangular Arbitrage in Forex Market, Emerging Vs Developed

Eleni Kyriaki, Kristian Dukov

Exchange Rate Volatility and International Trade: International Evidence from the MINT Countries

Dimitrios Asteriou, Keith Stephen Pilbeam, Kaan Masatci

Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting and Organizational Stigma: The Case of “Sin” Industries

Vassiliki Grougiou, Emmanouil Dimitirios Dedoulis, Stergios Leventis

Stock Prices and Macroeconomic Activity: Evidence from Vector Error-Correction Models and Granger Causality Tests for the Greek Economy

Dimitrios Asteriou, Evmorfia Mastrojianni

Earnings management and income tax evidence from Greece

Eftychia Kapoutsou, Christos Tzovas, Constantinos Chalevas, Apostollos Ballas
























Mihail N Diakomihalis

Τράπεζες στην Ελλάδα: Εταιρική Κοινωνική Ευθύνη – Πολιτισμός

Stella Psatha

Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Return. The case of rational use of fuel in Aviation.

Ioannis Panagiotopoulos, Apostolos Gotsias

Financial Crisis, Organizational Behavior and Organizational Silence in the Public Sector : A case study for Greece

Paraskevi Vasileios Boufounou, Kallirroi Avdi

Management of working capital - the achilles heel of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The case of Greece

Alina Barbara Hyz, Petros Kalandonis, Dimitris Stavroulakis

The effect of corporate governance mechanisms on environmental reporting performance

Pantelis Zisis

Monetary policy lessons from the recent monetary crisis

Grigorios J Gikas, Mihail N Diakomihalis
























John Kehagias

Cultural clusters and sustainability

Maria Aspioti

The Benaki Museum as a Case of Communication in Cultural Action.

Theodoros Lytras

The art of marketing art and the value of investment in art cultural business

Georgios Ant. Kalomoiris

Στελέχη Εκπαίδευσης και Προγράμματα Επιμόρφωσης στη Διοίκηση

Γεώργιος Παναγιωτόπουλος, Πολυξένη Παναγιωτοπούλου, Ευάγγελος Ζιάκας

Comparison analysis in the questionnaire of the students and the results of the external report of a department of Technological Education Institute.

Maria Sigala, Dimitrios Tseles, Athanasios Raptis

THe development of cultural tourism in Greece: Mapping of tourist visitation at cultural heritage siteS

Giorgos Tsamos
























Theodore Chadjipadelis

Modeling supply chains aiming at customer satisfaction: A simulation and a mathematical programming approach

Chrissoleon T. Papadopoulos, Eleni Gavriel, Thomas Kalotychos, Agelos Bibos

Characterization of the non-emptiness of the uncovered set

Athanasios Andrikopoulos

A method for calculating convexity in discrete fixed-income securities data

Ioannis Kandylas, Ioannis Demetriou

Testing the Reliability of Satisfaction Measurement Scales using Correspondence Analysis.

Odysseas Moschidis, Theodore Chadjipadelis
















Charalambos Spathis

Going Private through LBOs: Empirical Evidence from Europe

Apostolos Dasilas, Chris Grose

The short and long-term performance of European equity carve-outs

Apostolos Dasilas, Stergios Leventis

The Role of Internal Audit in Hospitals: Compliance or Value Adding Process? The Case of General Hospital of Kavala

Andreas G. Koutoupis, Emmanuel Thanoglou

Accuracy of forecasting earnings, after the change in accounting standards

Stergios Athianos, Augustinos I. Dimitras

Effects on Firm Performance after ERP Implementation in terms of Financial and Non-Financial Measures

Alexandra Kanellou, Charalambos Spathis




















Sotiris Karkalakos

Financial markets integration. Evidence from UE countries from Central and Eastern Europe

Cristian Dumitru Oanea

Concepts of Sustainable Development; A literature review and a proposed framework for analyzing and enriching dimensions of sustainability

Patricia Roberto Ikouta Mazza, Maria Vassileios Mavri

Greek Real Estate Equity Market in terms of returns and volatility

Kyriaki Begiazi, Dimitrios Asteriou

Energy consumption and economic growth in South and Southeast Asian countries: Evidence from a dynamic panel data approach

Anthony N. Rezitis, Shaikh Mostak Ahammad

Technological Growth, Entrepreneurship and Unemployment:Estimating the Openness Premium

Kostantinos Dellis, Sotiris Karkalakos, Kostantina Kottaridi




















Nikiforos Laopodis

Convergence of Educational Expenditures: An Application of Modified LLC Test in Selected EU and OECD Countries

Ioannis Papanastasiou, Antonios Athanassiadis

Fiscal Policy, Linear Feedback Control and Debt Stabilization

Ilias Kostarakos

Foreign Direct Investment Inflows: Evidence from four highly distressed European economies

Fotini Economou, Christis Hassapis

The impact of FDI on economic growth in Eurozone countries

Panagiotis Pegkas
















Periklis Gogas

US inflation dynamics on long range data

Theophilos Papadimitriou, Periklis Gogas, Vasilios Plakandaras, Rangan Gupta

Using multiclass Support Vector Machines to forecast the occurrence of price spikes in the German electricity market

Efthymios Stathakis, Periklis Gogas, Theofilos Papadimitriou

Efficient Supervision of Banking Networks using the Threshold-Minimum Dominating Set (T-MDS): The case of Brazil

Periklis Gogas, Theophilos Papadimitriou, Maria Matthaiou

Network Analysis for Central Banks

Periklis Gogas, Theophilos Papadimitriou, Georgios Antonios Sarantitis
















Fotios Pasiouras

Evaluating the turnaround strategy mix on SMEs performance & viability during financial crisis circumstances: evidence from Greece

Ilias P Parginos

Market reactions to dividends announcements and payouts. Empirical evidence from the Warsaw stock exchange

Urszula Mrzyglod, Sabina Nowak

Volatility and contagion from the financially distressed markets

Spyros Spyrou, Georgia Pantou

Filtering Loan and Interest Rates; the impact of Basel Regulations

Dimitris Gavalas, Theodore Syriopoulos

Consumer protection and financial intermediation

Fotios Pasiouras




















Michail Bekiaris

Dealing with household’s over- indebtedness in Greece during the current financial crisis: Law 3869/2010. An evaluation of its effectiveness.

Chrysanthi Balomenou, Eleftheria Panteli

Variance of Greek banks efficiency before and during the financial crisis

Mihail N Diakomihalis, Ioanna Sagka, Iliana G Chatzi

The many faces of proximity in innovation: a literature review

Yeoryios Stamboulis, Chrisi Stathaki

Deferred Tax Assets from unused Tax Losses under the prism of Financial Crisis

Evangelos Chytis

Greek taxation system reformation and the new tax bill: Influence in business/professional conditions of accountants

Georgios Triantafyllopoulos, Michail Bekiaris




















Dimitrios Stergiou

Efficiency Overview and manpower efficiency in the public sector and GIS applications

Vasiliki Alexopoulou

Mobility as an HR tool

Konstantinos Bouas, Petros Katsimardos, Ioannis Rossidis

The duty of loyalty as a mechanism of resolving corporate conflicts of interests

Haris Apostolopoulos

Employee Motivating Factors in the Greek Banking Sector

Prodromos Chatzoglou, Anastasios Karras

The Impact of the Economic Crisis on HRM among Five-Star Hotels in Greece

Vassiliki Staikou, Dimitrios Stergiou