Hellenic Open University Conferences, International Conference on Business & Economics of the Hellenic Open University 2016

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How economic crisis’ perceptions affect management accounting innovation? A conceptual framework
Dimitrios Balios, Odysseas Pavlatos

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Date: 2016-04-23 09:00 AM – 10:45 AM
Last modified: 2016-05-25


According to the literature the economic crisis affects the operation of the management accounting  systems. Zawahiri and Hoque (2010) report that the new economic environment directs firms to adopt innovative techniques of management accounting by providing them with more relevant information for decision making, which indeed is the subject of future investigations. The new economic environment requires firms to adopt innovative management accounting techniques for a better crisis management and to manage uncertainty. The purpose of this paper to suggest a conceptual framework filling  the gap that exists in the literature on the impact of the economic crisis on the adoption and use of innovative management accounting tools.


Management accounting, innovative management accounting tools, management accounting systems

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