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Statistical Exploratory Analysis of the Factors which influence the development of women”s entrepreneurship and innovative activities in the present Economic crisis
Christos C. Frangos, Eleni Gkika, Constantinos C. Frangos

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Date: 2016-04-23 04:15 PM – 06:00 PM
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In this paper we investigate empirically by a sample survey the factors which influence, in the  climate of severe Economic crisis which is present in Greece, the  development of women’s entrepreneurship and innovation activities. The random sample consisted of 370 employers and managers of businesses in Athens, Larissa and Thessalonika, males and females. The statistical methods which we use are : a. Frequency tables, b. t-tests, c. contingency tables analysis by χ2 testing, d. factor analysis and e. reliability analysis. The results which we found are the following : A1.The reasons for which women prefer to open their own business are :escape from unemployment for them and a secure financial future for the members of their families. A2. The kind of  business at which women are specializing are shops for sale of clothes and shoes  and shops for house gifts whereas men are specializing in opening businesses for sele of food and beverages.A3. Women customers prefer to visit and buy goods from shops which have a woman manager or employer. A3. The factors which influence the development of women’s entrepreneurship are the previous work experience in the subject of the company, the existence of financial assistance from banks or relatives, the education, honesty. Attitude for hard work and the stimulating measures given by the government with regard to taxes Α4. The conclusions are that the women either Greek or belonging to the economic immigrants in Greece with their work and the exercise of the entrepreneurial spirit help financial their families and contribute to the improvement of the difficult economic reality which is present in Greece.



women’s entrepreneurship, sampling survey, factor analysis, economic development, Innovation

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