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Sofia Kotsaftis

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Date: 2016-04-23 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Last modified: 2016-04-14


The purpose of this study isto investigate the efficiency and the functional performance of twenty eight(28) public Health Units of the 6th Health Region. The appliedmethodology deals with the comparison of efficiency and operating indicators,for every Unit during 2011-2013 and between Units in these estimated benchmarkyears. The   method used for theevaluation of efficiency was Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA).  The further evaluation of Units performancewas based on their specific quality characteristics dealing with the quality oftheir service which were estimated in a specific way which allowed the finalresults. The comparison of financial and operating indexes indicated that themajority of hospitals were efficient. The results of evaluation show that theUnit of the U.G.H. of Ioannina, G.H. of Kalamata, G.H. of Kerkyra and G.H.-H.C.of Krestena are the most efficient Units per category. In the frame of the Units’ evaluationregarding the list of specific outputs and indicators, the best recordperformance was that of the U.G.H. of Ioannina, G.H. of Kalamata, G.H. of Korinthos, G.H. of Amaliada and G.H.-H.C. ofFiliates, per category as well. In the field of evaluating the Hospital’squality characteristics, the highest score was recorded by the U.G.H. ofIoannina, in the category of large hospitals, the G.H. of Tripoli in thecategory of average, the G.H. of Korinthos, in the category of small toaverage, the G.H. of Aigio in the category of small hospitals, and G.H.-H.C. ofKyparissia, in the category of G.H.-H.C..


DEA, category, H.C.

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