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Criteria and factors that affect the passenger in the choice of an airline-search public conduct in the airport of Thessaloniki, Macedonia
Maria Savvidou

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Date: 2016-04-23 04:15 PM – 06:00 PM
Last modified: 2016-06-01


The quality of air transfer services as a meaning is complex. it composes the resultant of an amount of criteria that consist of the safety , the comfort , the speed , the price , the availability of many destinations, the frequency and accuracy of execution of the flights e.t.c. The flights safety composes the gist of the air transfer even if above other things it is about the human life protection. The criteria of the services quality of the air transfer are examined not only on the ground but also during the flight. The goal of my dissertation is to identify the factors that affect the passenger’s decision about the air company which they will choose for their journey. The research will include factors such as the ticket price, the safety and reliability, the flight time, the friendly behavior of the personnel and the accommodation which is provided during the flight, the entertainment in the flight, the number of transits, the total image of the company. It is about the most important factors of the quality of the first class providing services towards the passengers of a commercial air company. The above factors will be presented completely and spherically. Relationships and interactions will be presented among these factors which form the quality of the producing product in each functional stage of the production procedure. The elements for the research will be collected from passengers over 18 years old who depart from the airport of Macedonia. Social –demographic characteristics should be obtained while the characteristics of the airport firms that affect the air travelers in doing their choice. The investigation is based on the statistic elaboration of planned questionnaire which will be completed by the passenger public. For this investigation the manager of air terminal of Macedonian airport permission was needed. The statistic elaboration was done with the statistic package SPSS. Afterwards, statistic elements of personal choice were developed, according to the factors which were searched through the board of the questionnaires. Thus , it was detected for every dependent variable the amount of the independent variables that affect it. In the last part of the dissertation, the presentation of its results is concluded. The most important conclusions are that the factor of safety and reliability of an airline are more crucial for the passengers’ choice among the amount of the air companies. Suggestions are done for further analysis and research, like they result from the resent dissertation.

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