Presentations and Authors

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Regular Sessions

The global financial crisis and the Bank Marketing: A Cross-Country exploratory comparative study
Chrysanthi Balomenou, Amalia Akriviadi
How economic crisis’ perceptions affect management accounting innovation? A conceptual framework
Dimitrios Balios, Odysseas Pavlatos
Factors influencing internal audit compliance in Greece
Georgia Boskou, Efstathios Kirkos, Charalambos Spathis

Greek Sessions

Introducing HR agility in times of austerity
Petros Katsimardos, Konstantinos Bouas, George Aspridis, Ioannis Rossidis
The Greek social security system: analysis, assessment
Zoumpoulia Mouratidou, Paraskevi V. Boufounou, Georgios Mergos
Workplace Bullying as an Effect of the Economic Crisis in Greece: A Comparative Empirical Study of the Public and the Private Sector
Paraskevi V. Boufounou, Pelagia Spyrou
E-participation systems at Greek Municipality websites
Triantafyllos Petrinos, Nikolas Bithizis-Petsis
Web Application for Municipality Self-Evaluation in the context of Smart Cities
Zacharias Molonis, Konstantinos Bletsas
A financial analysis of the pharmaceutical industry: exploring the effect of the eurozone crisis
Maria Th. Morati, Michael Bekiaris