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Management of Greek Public Hospitals: Limitations of Existing Governance and Control Mechanisms
John Filos, Richard Nicolas LACROIX

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Date: 2017-04-22 09:00 AM – 10:45 AM
Last modified: 2017-04-19


The Complexity associated with the Evolving Medical Profession, and the Financial and Legal Challenges of the Current Economic Crisis on the Budgets, and the issues associated with the Humanitarian Refugee Crisis amongst others are some of the Challenges that Modern Greek Public Hospitals Boards and Managers are required to address.  While some departments are exemplary in their organization and the quality of their people, the best practices are not systematically applied in Greek Public Hospitals. Based on preliminary literature research and extensive interviews and audits results, we observe limitations to the existing Governance, Processes and Control Mechanisms and on how decisions are made.  Besides the obvious of being responsible for a budget and the proper management of the personnel and other resources Management must deliver on performance.   To that Effect, we recommend 9 “Outcomes” areas for focus by Management in order to Achieve Patient Centered Quality in HealthCare.   The 9 Areas are: 1) Preventing People from Dying Prematurely, 2) Enhancing Quality of Life for people with Long Term Conditions, 3) Help People to recover from episodes of Ill health or following injury, 4) Ensuring people have a positive experience of Care, 5) Treating & Caring for people in a safe and discrimination free environment and protecting them from avoidable harm, 6) Implementing Best Practices and Quality Standards, 7) Utilizing Innovation and Technology to advance and assist the medical profession,  8) Review of  Instruments of  Measurement and Control in order to Govern according to Best Practices, 9) The issues of Ethics and Cooperation with other Hospitals & Suppliers & the community and other interested parties.


Greek Public Hospitals; Governance Evaluation; Audit & Control Mechanisms; Best Practices & Quality Management.

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