Presentations and Authors

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Regular Sessions

Configuration and Analysis of Ordering Policies in the Fashion Industry
Christos Zikopoulos, Ioannis Rokkos
Analysis of the decoupling of energy sectors in the 15 countries of EU15
Maria Brilaki, Efthimios Zervas
Behavioral attitudes towards domestic use of water in Athens
Anastasia Assimaki, Efi Drimili, Georgia Gemenetzi, Efthimios Zervas
Analysis of the deviation from the precipitation sine curve and use it as indicator of climate change
Theodoros Kalyvas, Efthimios Zervas
Trends in bibliography of energy and environmental economics
Olivia Katrakazi, Efthimios Zervas
For a new methodology for the relation between CO2 emissions and GDP per capita, based on economic inequality
Ilias Kioufis, Olivia Katrakazi, Efthimios Zervas
Application of Environmental Kuznets Curve to smoking habits
Chara Tzalonikou, Olivia Katrakazi, Efthimios Zervas

Greek Sessions

Research on women engineers career path in construction industry
Nadia Konstantina Zamer, Georgios Papadopoulos, Dimitris Robert Stamatiou, Nektaria Dervakou
A comparative study of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Corporate Governance codes
PANTELIS ZISIS, Augustinos I. Dimitras